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Reputable Agent or Agency nearby..

As soon as we recieve your request we will connect you with a well reputable Agency nearby.


Your broker will contact you to discuss your best options and try to agree with a good action plan for you.


As soon as you and your Agent agrees to a good action plan, you will have to sign a brokerage agreement before moving further.

Object Inspection & Completion..

You and your Broker are then gonna have to meet up at your object to do an object inspection. 

Trust that your Agent will do the utmost for you.

..Your Agent will handle EVERYTHING around the transfer for you!

Once the object inspection is done, it´s time for..


The Brokers photographer will capture some high-quality photos for the publication of your object. A picture says more than a thousand words, so make sure that the object is clean and tidy.

Advertisement draft & Approval..

As soon as the photos are ready, they will begin preparing a draft with the images and the texts for the ad. Before publication your Broker compile everything in a draft and send it to you for approval.

Publication & Costumer service..

As your Agent published your ad,  they will start receiving calls and emails from your stakeholders. This is the time when the Broker start to book appointments with the stakeholders to make showing of your object.

Showings and presentations of your object..

Your Agent present and hold the displays of your object to your stakeholders and handle this in an exemplary and professional manner.

Bidding and negotiation..

Soon the bids and negotiations begin to arrive, then it is time for you to approve, reject or make a counter-offer until you hit a deal.

Law & Agreement..

When you have reached an agreement with your stakeholder, it is time for you to enter into a transfer agreement for the safety of both parties. This part is included in the agreement between you and your Broker, so there are no additional costs unless it is a very unique deal with a lot of additional additional agreements.

Thank you for your trust!

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